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    Personal Training (Muay Thai, MMA)

    "Nazri is very technique-focused and detail-oriented so you can be sure that in addition to getting a good workout, you'll also be effectively honing your proficiency in the martial arts in a safe manner."

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    Juwita N. Rahmat

    Class (Muay Thai)

    "Nazri is able to explain, in great detail, the possible responses from an opponent when delivering a combo and teaches us how to defend ourselves from an opponent’s countermoves. Most importantly, he knows how to insert an element of fun during training. There is never a dull moment in class and he can creatively come up with conditioning exercises that are both challenging and interesting. As a coach, he is patient, generous with his knowledge and he knows how to motivate and empower."

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    Chris Cusack

    Personal Training (Boxing)

    "Nazri is a great trainer. He’s an expert at boxing/martial arts and great at explaining the techniques. Very nice guy, extremely enthusiastic and makes the training fun. Also flexible on times so can be flexible to make times that work for me."